A narrative for every tragedy

A narrative for every tragedy

School shootings, which seem to be a uniquely horrific occurrence in America, are difficult to talk about. 

Does anyone know how to stop them? I don’t think so.

Will they ever stop? I wish I could say they might. I don’t claim to have any answers.

But watch what happens when you pay attention to the news coverage surrounding these awful events. Ben Shapiro breaks down the formula for the narrative in a video on his facebook page.

“If you have a mass shooting in the United States in which the shooter is white and the victim is black, then the narrative is going to be about both guns and racism.
If you have a mass shooting in which the shooter is black and the victim is white, it’s going to be about guns and systemic racism and dispossession.
If the shooter is Muslim and the victim is gay, it’s going to be about Christian bigotry which is exactly what happened in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting.
If the shooter is Asian and the victims are white, as happened at Virginia Tech, then we’re going to be talking about gun control. If the shooter is trans and the victim is gay…we’re going to be talking about guns and maybe about the virulent depression of trans people in the United States.
If the shooter is trans and the victims are Christians, then it’s going to be about guns and Christian bigotry, which is the narrative that the media are taking away from this particular media which is absolutely insane…”

Shapiro absolutely perfectly reveals how many of these recent events have been covered and spun to meet the agenda of the left.

The 28-year-old shooter’s pre-killing spree manifesto is said to be on its way to being released to the public after the FBI looks at its contents, according to a Nashville Council Member.

Watch the full video to catch Shapiro talk about how the media are “stuck between a rock and a hard place” when they must choose between two “woke rules”.

He’s referring to identifying the shooter as a woman (which is to misgender her, thus breaking the first woke rule) or to acknowledging her as man, but only to break another rule that is, “if you are a member of a victim class we can never call you a victimizer even if you are shooting school children.”

We as a country all lose any time a fatal shooting occurs or a hate crime is committed. But I wish the coverage could be straightforward and without an agenda or bias that only politicizes these tragedies.

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