All women’s college considering admitting men

All women’s college considering admitting men

Last week the New York Times published an article about Wellesley College, a prestigious Liberal Arts school for Women, reporting that the students supported a referendum calling for “opening admission to all nonbinary and transgender applicants, including trans men.”

They’re also calling for the college to use language that’s more gender inclusive, which means you have to call attendees “students” or “alumni” - instead of “women.” 🤡

Put another way, one of our country’s few remaining institutions specifically for women is now considering allowing men to fill their seats - which is the only admirable and heroic thing to do (somehow) if you support women’s rights and champion their cause.

My favorite part of the article is when, in an effort to be unbiased, the NYT shares the opposing point of view: “Opponents of the referendum said that if trans men or nonbinary students were admitted, Wellesley would become effectively coed.” Hmpf…you got me there.

Oh, and if you really support women, let’s call them “students” or “alumni” so they’re not reminded of their female-ness. Huh?!

Curiously missing from its website is any information on the home page indicating that Wellesley is an institution serving women because, of course, in 2023 we can’t tell the truth.

If I say men should not be allowed to go into a women’s school, I’m called a bigot. It will be interesting to see what Wellesley students call their board if the school keeps its mission “to provide an excellent liberal arts education to women who will make a difference in the world.”

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