Assaulted for standing up for women

Assaulted for standing up for women

Welcome to another edition of the Conservative’s Internet Roundup.  

Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines gave a speech for a Turning Point USA event at San Francisco State University.  Her agent described the event as a speech to “share her personal story of competing against a biological male athlete, Lia Thomas, at the Women’s NCAA Swimming Championships last year."

Gaines has to talk about men competing in women’s sports, of course, because that’s how today’s society promotes the cause of women.

You probably know where this is going.

Louis Barker, her agent, described what happened next: “Instead of a thoughtful discussion…Riley was violently accosted, shouted at, physically assaulted, and barricaded in a room by protestors.”

“It is stunning that in America in 2023, it is acceptable for biological male students to violently assault a woman for standing up for women’s rights.”

Let’s just say, it didn’t go well.

It makes me wonder just why we accept this behavior from young protestors at universities.  I’m all for free speech and even for an individual’s right to protest.  

But assault?  Surely, we’re better than that.  At least Family Guy knows what the rules are.

Seriously, how can we function as a society if we can’t even agree on something as basic as who should qualify to compete in a sporting event?

Here’s where you won’t find help: New Zealand’s new Prime Minister is stumped when he’s asked how to define what a woman is.

After fumbling once, the reporter again asks his thoughts.  “I wasn’t expecting that question so it’s not something that I, you know, formulated- preformulated- an answer on, but, in terms of gender identity, I think people define their gender identity for themselves.”

I know two things: 1) this guy is made for politics!  And 2) I won’t be going to New Zealand anytime soon…

May your weekend be easier than this guy handling a reporter’s question,


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