Finallly, some good news from coed sports!

Finallly, some good news from coed sports!

In an awesome story about achievement and camaraderie, 17-year-old Mia Brahe-Pederson of Lake Oswego, Oregon, crushes the competition in a 100-meter race at the Summit Invitational.  

So, what's cool about that?  

The kicker is that Brahe-Pederson is a high school girl competing in a mixed-gender competition where she took First Place with a personal-best of 11.08 seconds. 

How about the competition?

Mia “...even beat her friend and prom date…senior Ethan Park, who finished fourth in 11.38 seconds.”  Don’t feel bad for Park; his bragging rights are having a great friend and prom date making national headlines.

It's about time we had some good news coming out of coed sports!

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