Food neutrality…WTH is this BS trend?

Food neutrality…WTH is this BS trend?

Staying on the topic of progressive ideology, check out the internet’s newest dumbest video of all time!

Apparently health and science should be thrown out the window if they conflict with - you guessed it - personal preference.  Once again, the underlying principle here is “it’s 2023, you get to make up all the rules!”

Who is to blame here?  Well, according to the video it is “diet culture, fatphobia, and systems of oppression” that have created “false hierarchies of food”.  

To break that down…the fear of getting or being fat is responsible for these hierarchies of food - meaning of course, that some foods are better than others - and that is now FALSE!

I really had to watch that video a few times just to comprehend the stupidity of what’s being peddled.

I love the call to action, “instead of focusing on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ choices, try to address food with neutrality in mind!”

…and then the finale, “eat without guilt, regardless of what society says!”

Someone tell me how I can get off this planet!


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