Have you seen ‘What is a Woman’?

Have you seen ‘What is a Woman’?

Author, podcaster, and columnist Matt Walsh released a movie last year called What is a Woman? He seeks to answer what his byline calls “the Question of a Generation”.

If you haven’t heard about this documentary (comedy?), check out the trailer here.

***spoiler alert warning - this newsletter contains spoilers!***

So, here are my quick 3 takeaways from What is a Woman?

1. The number of people who can’t or won’t answer the question, “What is a Woman?”, is absolutely astounding. Surgeons, gynecologists, psychiatrists, professors, students, congressmen, transgender people, …etc. etc. are all interviewed for the documentary. Over and over again, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor as these elite, advanced individuals simply could not (or would not) give an answer to Matt’s question, “What is a Woman?”. This does not get old. The only exceptions to the rule of “no one knows how to define a woman in 2022” are old people and young female athletes who have been cheated out of medals by genetic males who are competing as females. Hmpf.

2. The exchange Matt has with the man with the purple hat in San Francisco is epic! It goes like this:

Matt: Can anyone have an opinion about it?

Purple Hat: Only people who are women…

Matt: So you’re saying if you’re not a woman, you shouldn’t have an opinion?

Purple Hat: Where does a guy get the right to say what a woman is? Women only know what women are.

Matt: Are you, uhh, a cat?

Purple Hat: No Matt: Can you tell me what a cat is?

Purple Hat: *pause* This [interview] is actually a genuine mistake and I am sorry I even came up here.

3. The treatments that children are getting to assist their sex changes are untested, potentially dangerous, and all around “no bueno”. I’m condensing maybe one hour of interviews with medical professionals and adults who regret their transgender care and are warning others about the effects of these procedures. But, the digging doesn’t lead to a good place and the science and studies do not tell a happy story.

Stay woke…at your own risk.


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