Two National Anthems?

Two National Anthems?

Who doesn’t love the Super Bowl?  It’s one of our favorite events up there with 4th of July and the Christmas/New Year holiday season.

This year’s game was exciting no matter who you were cheering for (unless you were there for the commercials).

But there were a few things that might have made you perk up.  Did you see the US Navy Sailors who dressed up to make a rainbow flag?  What about the Navy Strike all-women flyover?  

Neither of those things really bothered me, but it definitely feels like the NFL is trying to change and cater its image to whatever the popular social topics of our time are.

I also heard a lot about it being the first time two African-American quarterbacks faced off against each other in the Super Bowl.  Again, just a strange message.  

You could talk about their age.  You could talk about how dominate they’ve been all season.  You could talk about their (very admirable) character on-and-off the field. You could even talk about how many years they both could last in the league - something we all are looking forward to!

But, no, we gotta talk about their skin color.  Here’s what I think about that.

Lastly, what is up with having two National Anthems?  On one hand, it’s just one more song before the game, what’s the big deal?!  

But if you think about it, having a Black National Anthem means there’s a Black Nation, right?  Isn’t that divisive?  Don’t we already have a National Anthem to unite this country?

I think the idea of having two, *separate* National Anthems is a slippery slope and leaves more questions than answers.  I’m not sure what kind of precedent it sets (do we have to do this now every year?), but I prefer just the one ;-)


PS Have a look at Anthony Brian Logan’s (very balanced) take on this here.
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