Why we started RWN

Why we started RWN

Right Wing Naturals is a modern brand for men with traditional values.  As we’ve been growing the brand, I often get asked what made us want to start the company.

The short version is, I got sick of how so many other brands were trying to sell their products.  Something like Hey, look at how progressive we are!  (want to buy this…?)

Here’s one example from another soap company.

They may want to “redefine beauty”, but I don’t think any man needs a brand to tell them what beauty is - that’s already programmed in our DNA.

Without going into the backstory, here’s another example of where we’re at as a country.  This is the NCAA Division I national champion in the 500-yard women's freestyle.

I don’t know about you, but something doesn’t sit right with me crowning that person the champ.

So here’s to common sense and traditional values.  We are so glad to have you in our community.


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